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Services Limited To:

  • USAGS cannot provide 24 hour service.  We work during business hours only, but can help create safety plans for after-hours resources.

  • USAGS cannot preform health aid care.  We do not provide direct, hands on personal care for transferring, hygiene, etc.  We can find solutions to personal care needs. 

  • USAGS cannot become a personal companion.  Our clinical basis means respecting professional boundaries.  Care Management is not intended to fulfill friendships or family roles.

  • USAGS cannot become a transportation service.  We can arrange transport for clients when it is conducive to the contractual care needs agreement and goals at an out-of-pocket cost in addition to the selected service.  USAGS is not intended to do routine, regular transportation.

  • USAGS cannot provide nursing or medical care.  We are not nurses.  We cannot administer medications or provide medical nursing recommendations.

  • USAGS cannot provide psychotherapy.  We do approach client interactions with clinically grounded perspectives.  But, our role is not to provide a course of treatment.  We are more intertwined with the client's life system and are directive and collaborative until services are completed.

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