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Ease Your Burden:

Let USA Geriatric Services Navigate the Challenges With Your Aging Loved One

It's natural to feel uncertain or overwhelmed when navigating the complexities of healthcare and caregiving. If any of the following scenarios resonate with you, it might be time to seek guidance from experienced professionals at USA Geriatric Services:

  •    Struggling to navigate the healthcare system effectively?

  •    Feeling lost in a crisis situation with your loved one and seeking direction, advice, or suggestions?

  •    Unsure about the next steps to take in your caregiving journey?

  •    Needing support and guidance to regain your balance as a caregiver?

  •    Frustrated and unsure where to turn for equipment, services, placement, or transportation for your loved one?

  •    Seeking clarity about medical information and communication from the healthcare team?

  •    Looking for guidance on initiating difficult conversations, such as moving into assisted living?

  •    Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or burnt out and in need of strategies to manage your well-     being?


If any of these situations resonate with you, don't hesitate to contact

USA Geriatric Services. Our caring team specializes in offering personalized assistance tailored to your specific needs, empowering you to overcome obstacles with reassurance and clarity.

We find the best solutions for your elderly loved one.



Consider an Advocate Consult to answer your difficult questions.

Group therapy

Are you...

  • Stressed and overwhelmed by care giving?

  • Needing a Consultant's support to navigate the healthcare system?

  • Worried about your loved one’s health and well-being?

  • Concerned about managing the right type of care?

  • In need of senior care resources that you can trust?

Jodi Kay Benusa,

Founder & CEO


Graduate of Judson University, B.A. in Human Services

May 2004

Graduating with summa cum laude honors reflects my desire to always achieve my best.

Certified Social Worker

August 2004 - Present

Certified in the state of Wisconsin with extensive knowledge of practice and law in most states.

Inpatient Hospital Discharge Planner

November 2004 - May 2021

Specializing in successful discharge planning on the Medical Specialty, Orthopedics, and NeuroScience floors for over 15 years.   I am a master of complex discharges and am highly sought after by physicians and clinicians.  Whether your loved one needs placement across the county or across the street, I champion securing placement. I know how to get patients placed in an environment that best meets their needs.

Certified Care Manager

November 2021 - Present

Certified by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers.  Expert in care planning for the aged with their wants and desires in mind.

Certified Advanced Steps ACP Facilitator

October 2021 - Present

Certified in Respecting Choices requirements and qualified Respecting Choices Advanced Steps and Advanced Care Planning Facilitator.

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