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Ask Geri...

Dear Geri,

Are all Baby Boomers senior citizens?

Just Wondering

Dear J.W.,

Thanks for asking a question on many minds these days!

No, not all Baby Boomers are senior citizens.

Baby Boomers encompass individuals born between 1946 & 1964, which means that the youngest Baby Boomers are currently in their late 5's, while the oldest are in their late 70s.

While many Baby Boomers are indeed entering their senior  years and may be considered senior citizens, there are still a significant number who are not yet in that demographic category.

It's important to recognize that the term "senior citizen" is somewhat subjective and can vary depending on the context.  In general, it refers to individuals who are typically aged 65 or older, but this can vary based on factors such as retirement status, health, and societal perceptions.

Therefore, while some Baby Boomers may indeed fall into the category of senior citizens, others may still be considered middle-aged or approaching retirement age.

Blooming regards,


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